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Starting your own business
  About this App  
    Welcome to this Start Your Own Business (SYOB) self-assessment App.  The assessment is a key part of the application process for a Māori Women's Development Inc (MWDI) business loan. You will be sent the Loan Application form only after you have completed and submitted your responses for analysis by MWDI staff and been assessed as a suitable applicant for more detailed consideration.

This App is web-based which means it can be accessed on any device with a Browser and where there is connectivity.  On smaller screen devices, you may be able to use the App by turning the device on it's side, if that is an option. Your details are not being shared with any other party by way of cookies or any other means.

To access the Assessment component, you need to have created your unique login URL, part of which will have been provided to you (based on your name) as part of the process for creating the login. [Follow the instructions in the next section.]

The login also allows the information you have entered to be saved thereby giving the option of completing the assessment over more than one sitting, so long as that fits with any MWDI deadline.  Note: always tap the Update button (at the bottom of the page) before closing the App to ensure all your entries have been saved.

The Assessment is set out so that each section must be completed before you can access the next.  Once you have answered all the questions, you will be given the option of revealing the Submit button. Actioning this will email your assessment to MWDI. This action is deemed to confirm that you have accepted the terms and conditions, specified or implied, relating to the use of this App. 

One of these conditions is that reserves the right to access your assessment online for more detailed analysis. [Once you have submitted your assessment, please do not go back into it and change anything.]

You will receive an email copy of your assessment to the address you have provided in the assessment.
  Creating a login  
    The first step is to email us for a link to the SYOB access code generator. Tap on the button below to access our email form.

    Name of licenced user:  
Bookmark your login URL after the App has reopened.

  Access to the Assessment    
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  Starting your own business
a self-assessment tool
  If you see
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tap on it.  
  A loan application requires the completion of a full business plan and other documentation, all of which will take a considerable amount of time.  This self-assessment App is designed to give you, and if you decide to submit it, the MWDI team, an overview of you and your business proposal. 
MWDI reserves the right to contact any submitter and ask questions about any of the answers in this assessment.
This must be the address you used to received your login code instructions. It is required so you get a copy of your assessment.
  Tel No:
Required because MWDI reserves the right to call you to verify your responses.
    (i) Est FTE employees
FTE = Full Time Equivalent
Include yourself and any others to be paid by your business as contractors or employees averaged over your first 12 months. 0 is valid.
    D Have you consulted:      
  NA = Not applicable, NS = Not sure (if in any doubt), 0 = No knowledge, experience, skills, through to 5 = extensive knowledge, experience, skills (a near expert).  
    1   -  in running any business;
    2   -  in running your own business;
    3   -  in running the type proposed;
    4   -  in managing staff;
    5   -  in managing client relationships;
    6   -  in dealing with professionals (eg accountants, lawyers);
    7   -  verbal communication;
    8   -  written communication;
    9   -  numeracy (ie good with numbers);
      -  interpersonal skills;
      -  knowledge of technology;
      -  knowledge of social media;
      -  technical re the proposed business;
     How much do you know about:
In the responses below, NA is Not Applicable, meaning it is not relevant to your business; NS is not sure, if you are uncertain.
      -  Business trading entities
      -  Income tax
      -  GST (incl registration criteria)
      -  PAYE, ACC & Kiwi-saver
      -  Employer obligations
      -  Employee holiday entitlements
      -  Health & Safety obligations
      -  Any registration requirements for your business
      -  Business insurance
      -  Obligations of directors
      -  Relevant trade organisations
      -  Intellectual property
If you haven't completed the financial projections for your project, use the
"No business proposal yet" option to avoid your responses being incomplete. You can repeat the assessment when you've finalised your business proposal.
USP is Unique Selling Proposition, ie your point of difference compared with competitors.
How are customers/clients going know about your existence?
    Do you have:      
Capital is funding you have available to invest in your business that is not required anywhere else. It may also be funding someone else, usually a close relative, invests either on the basis of a private arrangement or in exchange for a share in the business.
  -  adequate capital
      -  access to more, if required
      -  a good relationship with your bank
      -  customers/clients already committed
      -  a trading entity set up
      -  any health issues
This will be dealt with separately if there are issues.
    From here, some business specific info.  
The funding sections are not required if there is no business proposal yet.
Funding arranged (enter 0 if applicable)
    Investment needed  $    
    Own funds  (capital)  $    
    3rd party capital  $    
    Bank loan  $    
    Private loan  $    
      Total Funding    
    Use of Funds  (enter 0 if applicable)
Capital expenditure, ie the asset purchases required, if any, to start the business.
Capital Expenditure      $    
Include a sum (for 12 months) for yourself if you have provided for in your projections. While you are entitled to take "drawings", you need to be aware they are taxable and you will need to file a Tax Return.
Proposed drawings      $    
    Projected revenue      $ 3 mths  
          6 mths  
          12 mths  
Do not include payments to yourself (if there are to be any). They are captured above.
Projected expenses      $ 3 mths  
          6 mths  
          12 mths  
  Only proceed if you are happy with your responses.  
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  This section is not for access by clients. It is exclusively for use by the assessor or mentor in getting a better understanding of their client and her strengths and weaknesses.

Neither is it a decision making tool for assessment but rather a means of ascertaining key information for use in the decision making process.
  Assessment statistics (Qs 1 to 27)    
    Total questions answered    
    Answered as: NA*    
    Answered as: 0    
    Answered as: 5    
    Raw score    
    Weighted score    
  * These are excluded from the calculations but the validity of the response needs to be considered.  
  Points to note:        
      Professionals consulted Wgtd  
      Experience score  
      Basic skills score  
      Business skills score  
    The personal attributes sought in the responses to questions 1 to 27, are not all of equal importance.  Furthermore, their importance may vary depending on the nature of the business and circumstance.  For this reason we have provided the ability for the assessor to be able to change the weighting from the default.  
    * = an "NA" response